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BODA stringing equipments dedicated a lot to the development of UHV transmission construction in China

January 13, 2020

Last month,24 stringing equipments made by BODA working at the No.16 lot of SHANDONG~ HEBEI 1100kV AC  Ring connection project site. 

With the total length of 825km,6 boundle conductor JLHA1/ G4A-640/170, span over  Yellow River 2.63km, height of each tension tower 210meters, weight of each tension tower 1600Ton. 

The construction of UHV transmission projects has been developed very fast in the past 10 years,about 18 national UHV transmission projects had been completed(800±DC and 1000 AC and 1100AC),total length is about 35000 kilometers, so the Chinese UHV construction technoloy and equipments rank the top place globally. 

BODA stringing equipments enjoyed high reputation among the transmission construction companies by its advanced performance and reliable service,BODA stringing equipments dedicated a lot to the development of  UHV transmission construction in China.

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